A plea to Rob…

27 Apr

Hello all you friendlies out there
And hello Mr Rob, you are where?
In the states? Lucky you
Wish I was there too
‘Cos the weather here is a nightmare!
It’s raining and windy and cold
And the sky is a sight to behold
All dark grey and grim
With enough rain to swim
And it’s something that can’t be controlled.
Oh bring us the sunshine dear Rob
This rain makes me feel like a slob
A wee word from you
Makes the sun shine right through
And makes all of your friendlies’ hearts throb!
I am trying to think of last night
Did I dream when I turned out the light?
Did Rob keep me warm
Through that horrible storm?
If he did it was such a delight!
I really need Rob’s inspiration
‘Cos I’m starting to feel desperation
You see nothing will come
And my mind’s getting numb
So Rob please help with me with my vocation!
I am starting to struggle to write
It’s not working though try as I might
What’s a girl gonna do
When her head’s full of poo
And the brain cells just will not ignite?
So tonight I am leaving it there
I’ll return so please do not despair
I need to take time
To make these things rhyme
They’ll get better with practice I swear!


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