An old one…

27 Apr

Oh Rob how I love your tattoos
Would you mind if I slowly peruse
All the bodily art
Which stands you apart
From those who only amuse.

Oh where did you get the birds done?
I’m thinking of getting me one
But where will I put it
On buttock or left tit
Rob give me a clue, would you hun?

So where will it be Mr Rob?
That won’t make me look like a knob!
No, not on my tummy
I’m no yummy mummy
I’m really a bit of a snob!

Well if you insist then I will
But I’ll send you the monstrous bill
And be sure if it’s sore
I’ll be charging you more
Cos I’ll charge for the pain so I will!!

Oh Rob well I did go and get it
And it was bloody sore I’ll admit
But now I’m like you
And they’re lovely it’s true
But I should have got one on each tit!

I love my wee birds on my tum
And I feel like I’m close to you chum
If only in mind
We are one of a kind
Now, What about one on my bum?

Oh Rob will you come to Belfast?
It’s waiting and promise, it’s class!
I’ll show you the sights
And all the delights
I promise you will have a blast!

I really must go now my friend
But this isn’t really the end
There’ll be more coming later
And it’ll be greater
Than this one, the first one I penned!

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