And another…

27 Apr

I’m glad that my friends liked my ditty
It took me so long, what a pity
I’m off work today
But I hope I can say
That at least my ditty was witty…
I’ll try to write more so I will
It helps me immensely to chill
With so much to be done
I just sit on my bum
And drink coffee until I feel ill.
I can’t wait to hear your news Scrummy
You’re such an incredible Mummy
What with writing so good
You enlighten my mood
And I bet Robert thinks you look yummy!
And then there is Silke, from where?
Is it UK, or France, somewhere there?
I really don’t know
But you sure are a beau
One of Rob’s good lookers I swear!
And let’s not forget Ladypam
With whom I would share a wee dram
Of whiskey galore
And then we’d have more
‘Cos she’s a Glaswegian, ain’t you ma’am?
And then there is Kek and there’s Jenny
Who both love the Robster a plenty.
And all of the others
Who have kids and are mothers
My God there are four score and twenty!
But alas I cannot include all
Although I am having a ball
My mind’s drying up
And I’m ready to drop
But this isn’t the last curtain call.
But before I go, one thing to say
Moonii, Happy birthday today!
I hope it’s a good one
Enjoy yourself wee hun
And many happy returns of the day!
And so just for now that is it
‘Cos the more I am trying it’s shit
The rhymes they aren’t coming
And my mind it is numbing
So for now I just think that I’ll quit.


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