Another old one…

27 Apr

Well I’m back with the t-shirt idea
And Scrummy has made it quite clear
It’s all up to Rob
Get your guys on the job
And we’ll all get a t-shirt to wear!
So how will you do it my friend?
How much will we all need to spend?
Please make it in pink
And don’t let it shrink!
Cos on me that would really offend!
And what will be on it, this piece?
Will you make it in cotton or fleece?
Will it say “Mrs Robbie?”
Or for me “Mrs Blobbie”!
Just a joke, I’m not really obese!
So what will the friends’ t-shirt say
And what would we like to convey?
I think Rob must know
That we all love him so
And that we’re with him all of the way.
Oh I can’t wait until the next tour
We’ll all be wearing them I’m sure
Be they blue, green or pink,
Orange, purple or mink
We’ll be clad in the new haute couture!!
So thank you to everyone here
We’ll all meet, I hope it’s next year
Rob, Belfast is waiting
I’ll do the translating
For Rob and the friendlies, I swear!
And so I must go and make busy
My house is a mess and I’m dizzy
From writing this ditty
And trying to be witty
I’m getting myself in a tizzy!
But all of the chores they can wait
I’d much rather Rob gave me a date
I’m sure that won’t happen
But hey I’m still hopin’
That one day I’ll be his best mate!
Rob I hope that you like my wee rhyme
‘Cos it’s taken a wild lot of time
It’s not easy to write
When your head’s full of shite
And you realise that it’s gone past lunchtime!

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