Bring on the Farrell!

27 Apr

I’m loving Rob’s range of apparel
He cleverly christened it “Farrell”
It’s trendy and chic
And is very unique
As our Rob is, miss it at your peril!
There’s jackets and shirts and those pants
Which I love, and I might get a chance
To purchase a pair
For just me to wear
As soon as I get my advance!
Should I get them in blue or in grey?
If I asked you what would you say?
The grey is quite nice
But I do need some spice
So the blue ones I’ll purchase today.
And then there’s the scarf, it is brill
I’d love one to keep out the chill
Will I get pink or blue?
Robbie give me a clue
Oh I’ll look like I’m licensed to thrill.
Should I get me a Homburg men’s hat?
Do you think that I’d look good in that?
Would I look like a man?
I could call myself Stan
And become the new boy in Take That!
The range it is so versatile
All the pieces are oozing with style
If I had the money
I’d buy the heap honey
Over here on the emerald isle!
Your grandpa he would be so happy
To see what you’ve done, clever chappy!
I hope all goes well
And that loads of it sells
Do a girl’s range and please make it snappy.

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