Hope you’re enjoying…

27 Apr

Hello all my friendlies on here
And hello to you Rob, are you near?
Are you still in UK?
Or the US of A?
Oh please Mr Williams appear!
We all love to read all your news
And hear all about the who’s who’s
So what’s the news now?
A girl or a boy?
Whatever please don’t call it Cruz!!!
I hope you and Ayda are happy
You’re oh such a likeable chappy
You stunningly handsome
I’d pay the king’s ransom
For Rob to come back, make it snappy.
Oh Ayda you got a quer boy
And I bet that he fills you with joy
Oh I wish I was you
Best I go join the queue
And employ you a handsome decoy.
Oh do you think Robert would mind?
I promise I’d be ever so kind
I’d make sure he’s fed
And take him to bed
Don’t worry, I’m awfully refined!
Oh now friendlies, please don’t be so rude…
When I mentioned bed, did I say nude?
No I don’t think I did
For all that I forbid,
Oh you lot are so awfully lewd!
So here is my dream one and all
It happened this year in the fall
Was it all in my head?
No, it was in Robbie’s bed
And it even spilled into the hall!
See my Robert and me were together
We were just like two birds of a feather
It was maybe a dream
But that’s not what it seemed
And I tell you his headboard was leather!
Well the time with Rob went in a flash
It was sexy and naughty and brash
He was good in the sack
And with no hairy back
Was my dream with no beard nor moustache!
But alas I woke up with a start
As my husband let rip a big fart
So it had been a dream
And I let out a scream
Oh my God I could tear him apart!

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