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27 Apr

Hello there, thank God, the weekend!
No work, and some more time to pen
My ditty’s for all
And I’m having a ball
And it’s all for Rob’s faithful friends!
Well thanks for the feedback you gave
I would love to be Rob’s poet slave
I would write all the time
We’d be partners in crime
And I promise I’ll not misbehave.
Well actually maybe I would…
Tell me please, do you think that I should?
Will I make them all prissy
And sound like a sissy,
Or should I keep making them crude?
I honestly think crude is best
I like to use bum, fart and breast,
And bottoms and boobs
And for men they’ve got moobs,
If I didn’t I’d end up depressed!
Did I tell you about my new dream?
Listen, this time twas really obscene
There was just Rob and me
He was naked you see
Can you guess what I did with the cream?
Well I’ll leave you right there with that thought,
‘Cos I daren’t say much more, I’ll be caught
I’m feeling quite frisky
But think it’s too risky
And might make Rob really distraught!

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