The blog, Radio Rudebox, et al…

27 Apr

To all of Rob’s friendlies in here
For one moment please lend me your ear
And tell me what you think
And are you tickled pink
With 2011, what a year!!!
With Rob and the boys back as one
With the Progress tour, what a long run!
The summer was hot
And look what we got
It was wonderful, Rob look what you’ve done.

And then there’s this blog, what a treat
I read it and read it, how sweet
Is our friendlie Rob
Who makes our hearts throb
And who one day I’m sure I will meet!!!
When Rob spoke to me in July
I honestly thought I would cry
I felt like a child
And I smiled and I smiled
It was like I could feel him nearby…
I look at Rob’s blog every day
And I hope he’s had something to say
He frequently does
And we love it because
We feel close though he’s far far away.
And more recently Radio Rudebox!
Best listened to wearing no socks,
Now why is that so?
Try it, then tell me no?
I implore you, RR really rocks!
Did you try it, well what did you think?
Did you follow it with a stiff drink?
Stiff being the word
Carnspindle don’t be absurd!
Oh maybe I should really rethink…
Sorry Rob, hope you’re not offended
I promise it’s easily mended!
I’ll be a good girl
Well, I’ll give it a whirl
I’m sorry, it wasn’t intended!!

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