Lovely Jubilee

30 Apr

So, Robbie will play for the Queen!
I can’t go, got no ticket, how mean!!
Rob please sort that out
And I’ll write all about
Your performance and how good you’ve been!
If you get me a sneaky wee ticket
I’ll forget about placards and pickets
Instead I will cheer
And I’ll by us a beer
We can drink it hiding in the thicket!!

After this I hope you’ll be Sir Rob
For if not, we will be your lynch mob
We’ll be there at the gates
All the friendlies – your mates
From the blog, we’d do some hatchet job!!!
So Rob, where’s my personal invite?
Send it soon, ‘cos I’m booking my flight!
Will you please stay with me?
I’ll be gentle, you’ll see!
And I’ll chase away any stage fright!
I’m wishing you luck for the show
It’ll be mighty, as all of us know
Please don’t be a snob…
But arise now Sir Rob
What an honour the Queen will bestow!!
He’ll get it, I know it, it’s true.
He deserves it, it’s well overdue.
As his mate Merk would say
Good for you Rob, wey hey!
Or should that be wuu huu, and duu?!
Ta dah! Kerching!!

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