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Time for a wee game…

30 May

Been a while since I played me a game
Of RW Funpoker, what a shame.
My chip count is so low
I’m ashamed. But I know
That I’ve only my wee self to blame…
Here I come folks beware, gonna play!
But I’m tired and it’s been a long day.
Please go easy on me
‘Cos I’m useless, you’ll see!
Any spare chips?  Please throw them my way!
I see there’s a new tourney soon!
Think I’ll try it, believe it’s in June
For the Queen’s Jubilee,
I might win it! Yes! Me!
Oh wise up, what a waffling buffoon!!

It’s almost here!!!

26 May

The final countdown has begun
Soccer Aid!! Gonna have so much fun!
So will Robbie score first?
We’ll be ready to burst
With excitement, come on England’s son!!

Life is hard, after all…

22 May

Flippin’ heck, I just read someone’s blog
Comments people had written were odd…
Oh some people are sad
And some others are mad
Get a life, sort it out, oh dear God!!


Seven more sleeps…

20 May

Oh my God, seven days and its here!!
Soccer Aid at  Old Trafford, so near.
I can’t wait to see Rob
And the rest of the mob
And the Friendlies, and all have a beer!
Hope to meet up before the big game
For a drink and some fun – that’s our aim!
So who all will be there
For this mighty affair?
If I don’t make it, oh what a shame!
Some good Friendlies I’m hoping to meet
Are wee Scosha, & 2 Julies, a treat!
And Amanda and Jenny,
That’s a few, there are many!
It would just make my wee trip complete!

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Meeting Robbie

12 May

I’ve been wondering if I’ll ever meet
Robbie Williams, think I’ll send him a tweet
Maybe just ask him outright
Or should I just sit tight?
What the hell! I am sure he’ll be sweet!
So help, don’t know quite what to say…
Maybe ask if he’s had a good day?
Or would that be too tame?
Would he think that I’m lame
Maybe I should just go all the way…
But that’s just too forward for me
I am shy, though a little flighty!
He might think that I’m odd
And say “Oh my dear God
Who is this one, oh Lord Almighty!!”

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“Hall of Fame Challenge…”

10 May

Funpoker’s new challenge is here
So invite all your friends, far and near!
There’s a prize in it too
Though I haven’t a clue
What it is.  But that will become clear.
So get asking your friends, every one!
If they join up, just think of the fun.
Tell us, what is the prize?
Maybe I could advise
You get Rob to meet me, one to one!
Go and check out the site – “Hall of Fame”
While you’re there have a go at the game
I’m still learning to play
Getting better each day.
Still not played will74, what a shame…
I believe that I’ll play him one day
And I hope that day’s not far away
When I do, I’ll be shy
Quick hello, then goodbye…
As he gives me an awesome display! 😉

“Tournament Day”

6 May

‘Twas the Funpoker tourney today.
Did I win it? Aye likely… No way…
I got through the first round
And was sound as a pound.
But round 2 found me in disarray!
So that was me out, in round 2!
It was fun but I didn’t get through.
I’d check and I’d fold,
I was very controlled.
Then I lost it, and out of the blue.
RW Funpoker, well done!
The tourney was excellent fun.
Though I didn’t win
I’ll take it on the chin
And congrats to the player who won!

A new discovery…

5 May

Have you tried that new game, Rob’s Funpoker?
I’m not great though I try – mediocre.
You see try as I might
(And it’s every night!)
I just can’t seem to find any joker!
You need jokers in poker, aren’t I right?
I am not? Oh hell’s teeth, holy sh*te…
I’ve been playing all wrong
I’ll be broke before long!
Should I quit or just keep sitting tight?

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