A new discovery…

5 May

Have you tried that new game, Rob’s Funpoker?
I’m not great though I try – mediocre.
You see try as I might
(And it’s every night!)
I just can’t seem to find any joker!
You need jokers in poker, aren’t I right?
I am not? Oh hell’s teeth, holy sh*te…
I’ve been playing all wrong
I’ll be broke before long!
Should I quit or just keep sitting tight?

I watched Rob play a game, he was good!
And he seemed to be in a good mood
He was chatting away
And continued to play
I think sometimes he’s misunderstood.
Later on I will try play again
Only this time I’ll engage my brain
I might win back some chips
If my head gets to grips
With the betting and folding, Amen.
If you’re playing please go easy on me?
I’m still learning, a novice you see.
Soon I’ll know when to check
When to say what the heck
And to raise, go all in, like Robbie!
What a nightmare, I’ve started to freeze!!!!
What the hell, I was winning, ’twas a breeze!
I was winning, I swear
And I can’t leave it there!
Oh sweet Jesus, I’m down on me knees…
Settle down, just refreshed, I am back!
But I’ve lost many chips, what’s the crack?
Just when I start to win
All my chips – in the bin!
Just gave me such a panic attack…
Hope to see you all soon round the table
I’ll be there just as long as I’m able
For a tourney or two
Let my chip count accrue
Let’s just hope our PCs remain stable!!

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