“Hall of Fame Challenge…”

10 May

Funpoker’s new challenge is here
So invite all your friends, far and near!
There’s a prize in it too
Though I haven’t a clue
What it is.  But that will become clear.
So get asking your friends, every one!
If they join up, just think of the fun.
Tell us, what is the prize?
Maybe I could advise
You get Rob to meet me, one to one!
Go and check out the site – “Hall of Fame”
While you’re there have a go at the game
I’m still learning to play
Getting better each day.
Still not played will74, what a shame…
I believe that I’ll play him one day
And I hope that day’s not far away
When I do, I’ll be shy
Quick hello, then goodbye…
As he gives me an awesome display! 😉

One Response to ““Hall of Fame Challenge…””

  1. Begitte Olsen ( MissOlsen) at Sunday June 3, 2012 #

    I love it. You are so right and you made me laugh. You are very good. No wonder you are mentioned on the robbieWilliams Fun site- And as we say: You are our official poet!

    ♥ MissOlsen

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