Meeting Robbie

12 May

I’ve been wondering if I’ll ever meet
Robbie Williams, think I’ll send him a tweet
Maybe just ask him outright
Or should I just sit tight?
What the hell! I am sure he’ll be sweet!
So help, don’t know quite what to say…
Maybe ask if he’s had a good day?
Or would that be too tame?
Would he think that I’m lame
Maybe I should just go all the way…
But that’s just too forward for me
I am shy, though a little flighty!
He might think that I’m odd
And say “Oh my dear God
Who is this one, oh Lord Almighty!!”

Maybe I should just say “Rob, meet me?
Can I read you my poetry?”
And I’ll read him my rhymes
Once, twice, numerous times
And kiss him while I sit on his knee!!
Oh calm down Carnspindle, calm it down!
Do you want him to think you’re a clown?
Just go nice ‘n easy
And don’t be so cheesy
Go and find a dark room and lie down!
I would like to meet Rob, tell me how?
Come on RW Funpoker, tell me now…
How do I get to meet
Sexiest man on two feet
Oh go on, tell me please, don’t be coy!
If you do sort it out, I do swear
That I’ll keep it a secret affair
I can be there tonight
If you’ll pay for my flight
No you won’t? Oh now that’s just not fair!
So, I’ll pay for my own flight, no prob
Just as long as you’ll sort it with Rob
I’ll be waiting you see
Can you do it? For me?
So Funpoker, get yourself on the job!
Let me know when you’ve sorted it out?
Know you will, yes of that I’ve no doubt
I’m quite sure you can see
What it would mean to me
So come on, don’t be shy, use your clout!!
I’ll be waiting to hear from you soon
I’ll give you ’til the 14th of June
Will you sort it all out
Despite all of my doubt?
Oh what’s that? Oh, a mighty blue moon!!!

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