Seven more sleeps…

20 May

Oh my God, seven days and its here!!
Soccer Aid at  Old Trafford, so near.
I can’t wait to see Rob
And the rest of the mob
And the Friendlies, and all have a beer!
Hope to meet up before the big game
For a drink and some fun – that’s our aim!
So who all will be there
For this mighty affair?
If I don’t make it, oh what a shame!
Some good Friendlies I’m hoping to meet
Are wee Scosha, & 2 Julies, a treat!
And Amanda and Jenny,
That’s a few, there are many!
It would just make my wee trip complete!

Hey, you see the new Soccer Aid tops?
They look good, though are not in the shops.
You can buy them online
Better go order mine
It’ll go with my Soccer Aid props!!
Shall I make a large banner as well?
And what will I write on it? Hell!
I’ll write “Carnspindle’s near –
Shake your ass, over here!”
You think Rob would come over? Do tell…
So Soccer Aid’s one week away
Bring it on, I can’t wait, what a day!
We’ll see Rob lift the cup
As our faces light up
And we’ll cheer for his mighty display!
So if you are Manchester bound
I do hope that I’ll see you around
One and all, do enjoy!
And let’s cheer for our boy!
Old Trafford, our new stomping ground.

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