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A request…

30 Jun

Though I write loads of poems for you,
Do you like them? I haven’t a clue…
So I’d like you to leave
Some feedback, I believe
You’ll be honest, I hope so. Thank you!
And if you’ve a moment or two,
I’ve another wee favour for you…
Share the link to my page
It could earn me a wage,
And I’m broke at the moment, it’s true!!

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The adventure continues…RanDumber

25 Jun

So book number 2 is now out
Go and buy it, it’s funny throughout!
Merk’s done it again,
It’s mighty, Amen.
You’ll love it, of that I’ve no doubt.
There are several new characters too
That this book introduces to you
Like girls Brittany and Kim,
Old man Joe, heard of him?
Some weird folk in LA to be true.
Take old Joe, a quite frightening man
Follows Merk, speaks to him when he can
Got the name “Orgy Joe”
Don’t ask why, don’t you know?
He’s a pervert, but he has a plan…
Orgy Joe takes a liking to Merk
And he offers him some dodgy work
A modelling job…
In a swimsuit? That’s odd…
Is this old man for real? What a jerk!
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23 Jun

I’m going on a holiday soon
With my camera, my fork and my spoon…
Don’t need too much more –
All the rest I’ll ignore,
And I’ll eat by the light of the moon.
I will revive my body and brain
‘Til I’m sure that I won’t go insane.
Feels like sometimes I will
Best keep taking the pills.
Will I ever return home again?

A Typical ‘Norn Iron’ Summer…

22 Jun

Oh thank God that it’s Friday today!
Been a long week, now rain go away!
It’s supposed to be summer
This weather’s a bummer
Think I’ll book me a wee holiday!


Some photos for you…

17 Jun

For a little change, and instead of a Limerick, I thought I’d share some photographs with you.  One of the things I would love to be really good at is photography.   In the meantime here’s a few I made earlier…

Taken at the Ulster American Folk Park


17 Jun

Thought I’d post a wee poem on here
Been a while, I’ll be back, never fear!
With a new one for you…
But for now it’s adieu!
So from me – just for you – a cold beer!
Cheers!! 😉

Rob’s Jubilee Concert

5 Jun

Did you see the big concert last night
For the Queen’s Jubilee, what a sight!
The huge stage was set
And I wagered a bet
That our Rob would be best, was I right?
Oh hell yes, he was awesome, and more…
I’d no doubt. Did you hear the crowd roar?
Well done Rob once again.
You were mighty, Amen.
Of them all you’re the one we adore!
You came onto the stage, what a sight
In your Farrell coat, what a delight
With the Staffordshire knot
On your cuff, looking hot!
Then you sang your heart out, what a night!
All your Friendlies were right by your side
As you sang for the Queen full of pride.
When you sang Mack the Knife
The whole crowd came to life
As did millions of people worldwide.

Soccer Aid 2012

1 Jun

Well it’s over for now, what a shame.
I was there, oh my God, what a game!!
At one with my friends
Didn’t want it to end!
Soccer Aid – a success I proclaim!!!
There was Robbie, and Jonny et al…
Boys together, all having a ball!
But did somebody say
That our Rob couldn’t play?
Oh dear God, what on earth? A crank call?

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