Soccer Aid 2012

1 Jun

Well it’s over for now, what a shame.
I was there, oh my God, what a game!!
At one with my friends
Didn’t want it to end!
Soccer Aid – a success I proclaim!!!
There was Robbie, and Jonny et al…
Boys together, all having a ball!
But did somebody say
That our Rob couldn’t play?
Oh dear God, what on earth? A crank call?

Alas no, it was true, injured back…
Bloody hell, sort it out, get on track!
And so Rob didn’t start
But I tried to take heart
That he’d play a wee bit, for the craic!
Sure enough, he came on half way through.
From then on, goodness me, the match flew!
After four mighty goals
They were knackered, poor souls
In the heat, which was fierce to be true!
A big meeting was planned at the bar
For the Friendlies from near and afar
There was Regine from France
Who came well in advance
And met Julie, our Manchester star!
There was Scosha from Scotland as well
And Amanda, (or Scrummy), a belle!
There was Jenny and Julie
But alas, no yours truly
Didn’t make it, no time, bloody hell!
There was Sara with curly blue hair!!!
Did she wear the blue wig for a dare?
T’was her avatar look
From Funpoker, take a juke
At the pics – it looked brilliant, I swear!!
My trip was such fun, mighty craic!
And I’ve promised myself I’ll be back
To the next Soccer Aid
It will be my crusade
To meet Rob, and the rest of the pack!
To you all, thanks so much, it was great
And big thanks to our Jools68
For planning the meet
Super job, no mean feat!
Promise next time I’ll not arrive late!!!

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