The adventure continues…RanDumber

25 Jun

So book number 2 is now out
Go and buy it, it’s funny throughout!
Merk’s done it again,
It’s mighty, Amen.
You’ll love it, of that I’ve no doubt.
There are several new characters too
That this book introduces to you
Like girls Brittany and Kim,
Old man Joe, heard of him?
Some weird folk in LA to be true.
Take old Joe, a quite frightening man
Follows Merk, speaks to him when he can
Got the name “Orgy Joe”
Don’t ask why, don’t you know?
He’s a pervert, but he has a plan…
Orgy Joe takes a liking to Merk
And he offers him some dodgy work
A modelling job…
In a swimsuit? That’s odd…
Is this old man for real? What a jerk!
Orgy Joe just would not go away
Very much to Merk’s utter dismay
Seemed wherever he went
Orgy Joe was hell bent
On appearing, seemed like every day.
Orgy Joe was just one of a few
Weirdos living it seemed in WeHo
There were others you see
But none quite as flighty
As old Orgy, the wigged one Merk knew.
You will read of Merk’s romantic trysts.
Some of these were when Merk was quite pissed!
Each girl was a beauty
And it was Merk’s duty
To please them, he couldn’t resist.
Take Tatiana – met Merk at the gym.
Went for drinks on a bit of a whim.
She was pretty damn hot
And she gave what she got
And at least she was younger than Kim!
So yes Kim – quite a girl, to be sure
Older lady, though hot, quite mature…
While she tooted his pipe
She just wasn’t his type
Was a howler, ha! Far from demure.
Merk met Brittany, now she was another.
She was pretty, but would Merky bother?
He became quite concerned
When he suddenly learned
That the howler was Brittany’s mother!!!
How I laughed when I read that wee bit.
It was mighty, I have to admit!
I could picture the scene
Of Merk caught in between
Howler Kim and her hot daughter Brit…
You may learn a new phrase in this book
Try and find it, you will if you look…
Did Merk learn it in college?
“Dispersing his knowledge”
One to note in my little black book!
Like my first Ode, I’ll not say much more…
For the book is for you to explore!
You must buy it today.
Do it now, don’t delay.
It has funnies and laughter galore!
Well done Mark, mighty book to be true!
‘Twas as great as your RanDumb debut.
I could not put it down,
And I laughed like a clown
As will you when you read Merk’s book 2.
And so now I must wait for book 3
‘Twill be hard.  I’m impatient you see.
Think it’s started already…
So go Merk, keep her steady
And make sure you’ve a large cup of tea!
If you like what you read in Merk’s book
You can follow his tweets – take a look…
Look up @trickaduu…
Oh, his blog’s called that too,
And I’ll bet that you’ll soon become hooked!
Just before I go, take my advice –
Check out Merk’s super new Merkandise!
There’s a mug for your tea
And some knickers for me
Or a t-shirt, all grand for the price!
If you’re wondering where you can buy?
Check below, you should give it a try…
I’ve posted the links
Think Merk owes me a drink!!
So for now and from me it’s goodbye.

…to be continued following the release of book #3… 😉

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