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Please Rob, please…

31 Aug

Oh my god Rob, we just can’t sit still…
You are making your Friendlies quite ill!
There’s so much going on
And we know it’s not long…
The excitement is starting to kill!!
The news we received just this week
Is fantastic, and also unique…
So you’re doing some shows
If we’re lucky, who knows?
You’ll be mobbed by our mob so to speak!
So your Friendlies have everything crossed
That our chance to get close isn’t lost!
Hope you’re ready for us
Yes! We will make a fuss!
We’ll be there and to hell with the cost!

Rob and Candy…

19 Aug

Oh Rob, won’t you come to Belfast?
Not the first time I’ve asked, nor the last…
I am living in hope…
One day I’ll get a grope!
I will not let a chance I get pass!
I’ve been watching this last day or two…
Rob you’re looking fantastic, it’s true!
With your fab LA tan
Oh dear God, what a man!
And I’m loving your cool pink suit too!
So the video shoot’s underway,
And the song is called “Candy” they say.
What I’ve heard sounds so good
Puts me right in the mood
For your new album coming our way.
Rob, you’re looking incredibly cute
In your baby pink pure linen suit
So bring on the new song
Hope it won’t be too long,
And I hope you’ve had fun at the shoot!
I’m just thinking, it won’t be too long
‘Til Rob’s singing his daughter a song
As he rocks her to sleep
In his arms he will keep
Her protected, right where she belongs.
I wonder what name you’ll give her?
Maybe Emma, or Katie or Myrrh…?
Or Autumn or Mandy
Wait, maybe it’s CANDY!!!
Now that would no doubt cause a stir!!
Whatever her name, she’ll be yours!!
And that’s all that matters for sure
We all wish you the best
Now get plenty of rest
‘Cos you’ll need to be ready for her!

What’s happening…?

4 Aug

Bloody hell, it’s been quiet on here!
Think I’m functioning on a low gear…
No new poems to post…
Need a poetry ghost
Who will post rhymes when I disappear!

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