The Marvellous Rob… (one to keep you going)

22 Sep

For you Rob, a present from me…
Hope you like it, I think you’ll agree
That it’s rather unique
And shows off your physique…
Do you like it? It’s yours and it’s free.
It was Silke, my friend from the blog
Who said “yeah, it could go in his bog”
So will you hang it there?
All your guests will sure stare
At this marvellous image of Rob!
I believe you know Silke, you do?
I’ll remind you what she said to you…
When that wee parasite
Made you feel pretty shite
Silke advised you to check out your poo!
I hope that you like it, I do!
It bears a resemblance to you…
Though you are more handsome
I’d pay a King’s ransom
To see it hung up in your loo!
So if it goes up on your wall
Will you post me a photo at all?
So I know where it sits
As you’re doing your shits…
‘Twould be better than sweet bugger all!
You’re feeling more generous Rob?
Mighty stuff, fill your boots, I’m no snob…
Hey what did you say?
You’ll fly me to LA?
I accept, see you very soon Rob.

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