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Holiday Time!

27 Oct

I’m off on a holiday soon…
I’ll be singing my favourite tune,
Hey ho, here I go
Hope the sunshine will flow
And I might not come back ’til next June…

The Countdown Continues…

23 Oct

So… the flight has been booked and it’s paid.
Gonna cost me a bomb I’m afraid…
Got to pay the hotel,
And pay Scrummy as well!
God, my bank is in need of first aid…
My attention’s been drawn to the queue
And what time I’ll be at the O2…
Join the queue after dawn?
Yes of course, hell, come on!!
To be right at the front, wouldn’t you?
To be continued…


The RW Funpoker Login Lottery

21 Oct


There’s a new poker giveaway here
I believe it’s the first one this year,
Where real gold can be won
On Funpoker, log on!
And you’re in with a chance, ‘twould appear.
Think I’ll go and log on, what’s to lose?
And I’ll play a few games if I choose…
So I’m in with a chance
‘Cos I need an advance!
My bank balance is battered and bruised!



That’s not all folks…

20 Oct

Well I’m sorry, no new poem today…
My head has been in disarray.
Think I’ve got writer’s block –
My brain has an air lock!!
So tomorrow I promise to play…

The Countdown Begins…

14 Oct

Oh sweet Jesus!! My dream has come true…
And I’m going to be at the O2
24th of November,
A night to remember!
It’s all down to Scrummy, thank you!!
See I’m going to be Scrummy’s plus one,
And my God, are we going to have fun!
With a huge friendlie meet
And then Rob, what a treat!
The big countdown’s already begun!
To be continued…


8 Oct

Oh dear God,what am I going to do?
See I want to be at the O2
When you’re doing the shows
In November, Lord knows
I’d be there if I could, to see you.
Head says no, but my heart it says YES!!
Oh please help me, I’m in such a mess
Will I say “what the hell”
‘Cos I’m under your spell?
Oh sweet Jesus, can’t cope with this stress…
All my friends from online will be there
So I’m saying a “get me there” prayer
Will I do it? Oh feck
I feel sick, flippin’ heck
Oh this could be a messy affair…

Give us a clue Trickaduu…

6 Oct

Hey there Merrick, this book number 3
Of your fun seven part trilogy…
How’s it coming along?
Tell me will it be long
‘Til it’s whured out, by you and by me?
See the book whures are ready to run
With the whuring, it’s going to be fun!
Your RanDummy Crew
Well, we’re right behind you
And we’ll whure that damn whure til she’s done!!
So give us a clue – when’s she due?
It’s been seven long months since book 2
Before the new year?
Go on, give us a steer?
Give the nod to your Book Whuring Crew… 😉

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