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RW Funpoker Avatar Competition!

18 Jul

A competition has launched just this week…
It’s ideal if you’ve got the physique!
Feel like a rock star!
Dress like your avatar!
And a prize may be yours, fantastique!
The prize will be Robbie related.
Will we see what the winner created?
Will the Funpoker guys
Know who’s who in disguise?
Will the winner feel hugely elated?
‘Twas at Soccer Aid way back in May
That Mike Andrew dressed up for the day…
Just like his avatar
He looked rather bizarre
But Rob saw him and chatted away!
It was funny to see, and I laughed!
He’s a brave one, he looked pretty daft!
The things people do
To get noticed – would you?
Well, it worked, and Mike had the last laugh!!!
So get dressing up, post up your pic
For the contest, go on make it quick!
Wonder who’ll win the prize
For the perfect disguise…
Good luck all, wonder who will be picked?


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