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Rob’s Jubilee Concert

5 Jun

Did you see the big concert last night
For the Queen’s Jubilee, what a sight!
The huge stage was set
And I wagered a bet
That our Rob would be best, was I right?
Oh hell yes, he was awesome, and more…
I’d no doubt. Did you hear the crowd roar?
Well done Rob once again.
You were mighty, Amen.
Of them all you’re the one we adore!
You came onto the stage, what a sight
In your Farrell coat, what a delight
With the Staffordshire knot
On your cuff, looking hot!
Then you sang your heart out, what a night!
All your Friendlies were right by your side
As you sang for the Queen full of pride.
When you sang Mack the Knife
The whole crowd came to life
As did millions of people worldwide.

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