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Give us a clue Trickaduu…

6 Oct

Hey there Merrick, this book number 3
Of your fun seven part trilogy…
How’s it coming along?
Tell me will it be long
‘Til it’s whured out, by you and by me?
See the book whures are ready to run
With the whuring, it’s going to be fun!
Your RanDummy Crew
Well, we’re right behind you
And we’ll whure that damn whure til she’s done!!
So give us a clue – when’s she due?
It’s been seven long months since book 2
Before the new year?
Go on, give us a steer?
Give the nod to your Book Whuring Crew… 😉


The adventure continues…RanDumber

25 Jun

So book number 2 is now out
Go and buy it, it’s funny throughout!
Merk’s done it again,
It’s mighty, Amen.
You’ll love it, of that I’ve no doubt.
There are several new characters too
That this book introduces to you
Like girls Brittany and Kim,
Old man Joe, heard of him?
Some weird folk in LA to be true.
Take old Joe, a quite frightening man
Follows Merk, speaks to him when he can
Got the name “Orgy Joe”
Don’t ask why, don’t you know?
He’s a pervert, but he has a plan…
Orgy Joe takes a liking to Merk
And he offers him some dodgy work
A modelling job…
In a swimsuit? That’s odd…
Is this old man for real? What a jerk!
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An Ode to RanDumb

27 Apr

An Ode to RanDumb…

Have you ever heard of Mark Hayes?
He’s an Irish guy, lives in LA.
He’s a writer of note
And I’d give him my vote
And his third book is now underway.
Mark Hayes has a talent you see
He is charming as well, you’ll agree.
He can DJig it too
And do stand up, it’s true
He’s a man of all talents is he.

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