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Soccer Aid 2012

1 Jun

Well it’s over for now, what a shame.
I was there, oh my God, what a game!!
At one with my friends
Didn’t want it to end!
Soccer Aid – a success I proclaim!!!
There was Robbie, and Jonny et al…
Boys together, all having a ball!
But did somebody say
That our Rob couldn’t play?
Oh dear God, what on earth? A crank call?

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“Tournament Day”

6 May

‘Twas the Funpoker tourney today.
Did I win it? Aye likely… No way…
I got through the first round
And was sound as a pound.
But round 2 found me in disarray!
So that was me out, in round 2!
It was fun but I didn’t get through.
I’d check and I’d fold,
I was very controlled.
Then I lost it, and out of the blue.
RW Funpoker, well done!
The tourney was excellent fun.
Though I didn’t win
I’ll take it on the chin
And congrats to the player who won!

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