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The Fiasco that was Ticketmaster this week…

8 Sep
“Ticketmaster regrets to inform you that due to a database error, some customers were advised that they were successful in the ticket ballot for the Robbie Williams performances at Dublin or Glasgow. However, these emails were incorrect as they actually applied for tickets for the other venue they received confirmation for.”


What a week we’ve had, it has been tough.
And this weekend I’m feeling quite rough…
We’ve been up, we’ve been down,
We’ve been thrown all around
All the Friendlies have taken enough.
We blame Ticketmaster, oh what a mess…
We’re told no, later on we’re told yes!
Then it’s no once again
Oh wait, yes, oh, and then
It’s a no, bloody hell, all this stress!!
How on earth could they get it so wrong?
They’ve been stringing the Friendlies along.
With the promise of luck
When they don’t give a f**k!!
It’s been awful, thank God that we’re strong…

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