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Lovely Jubilee

30 Apr

So, Robbie will play for the Queen!
I can’t go, got no ticket, how mean!!
Rob please sort that out
And I’ll write all about
Your performance and how good you’ve been!
If you get me a sneaky wee ticket
I’ll forget about placards and pickets
Instead I will cheer
And I’ll by us a beer
We can drink it hiding in the thicket!!

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Getting there!

30 Apr

Feuter, feuter, feuter… Trying to sort out this bloggy thingy is taking up my time at the moment.  Though I think I have now sussed it, so here it is, the new blog page from me.  Limericks are go.  I hope you enjoy the read! 🙂

Get the reading gear on and go!!

*Big sigh….*

29 Apr

I am feeling quite pensive today
Oh all you bad thoughts, go away!
I need to feel free
For my worries to be
In the past.  Think I’m due a good day…

Welcome Saturday!

28 Apr

Hey folks, welcome to this fine Saturday.  I am wondering if I should make this page public?   Hmmm, what if people don’t like it?  What if I get negative feedback?  Well, I’ll not worry about that, will I?  Because the reason I write these things is to give myself some chill out time.  It’s relaxing, and it’s also a challenge for me to get my creative juices flowing.  I’m not on here for glory.  This is something for me.  If I share it, and you read it, that’s fine.  If I share it and no one reads it, well that’s fine too.

If you do stumble across this somehow, I do hope you enjoy the read.

Right, I’m off to continue my latest one. Cheers for now!

An Ode to RanDumb

27 Apr

An Ode to RanDumb…

Have you ever heard of Mark Hayes?
He’s an Irish guy, lives in LA.
He’s a writer of note
And I’d give him my vote
And his third book is now underway.
Mark Hayes has a talent you see
He is charming as well, you’ll agree.
He can DJig it too
And do stand up, it’s true
He’s a man of all talents is he.

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27 Apr

I love all the friendlies on here
So loving and so full of cheer,
The crack here is mighty
From Belfast to Blighty
And further – so far yet so near!
Although we’ve not met, sure we might
At Rob’s Soccer Aid, what a night!
I can’t wait to see
Rob playing footy
And to meet you, oh what a delight!
And for those who aren’t going, there’s TV
It’ll be mighty, I know you’ll agree
Sure you’ll see it as well
And you’ll hear us all yell
For our Rob, like a crowd of banshees!

The blog, Radio Rudebox, et al…

27 Apr

To all of Rob’s friendlies in here
For one moment please lend me your ear
And tell me what you think
And are you tickled pink
With 2011, what a year!!!
With Rob and the boys back as one
With the Progress tour, what a long run!
The summer was hot
And look what we got
It was wonderful, Rob look what you’ve done.

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In anticipation of that figleaf…

27 Apr

C’mon Rob it’s time for some news
And a glimpse of some more nice tattoos
Go one, show us some
Have you one on your bum?
Or was that just a big purple bruise?
We know you are busy this weather
I hope you don’t think I’m a blether…
But spare us a thought
We’re becoming distraught
Come on friendlies, let’s shout together!
We can’t wait til Saturday night
When we know it’ll all be alright
With you in X Factor
You’ll be a distractor
The fig leaf sure will be some sight!
I’ll try to write more in a while
‘Cos it really does help me to smile
Oh Rob show us your stuff
And parade in the buff
And I promise to make it worthwhile!

Figleaf Saturday!

27 Apr

It’s been building a while, did you know
That Rob’s on the X Factor show
This Saturday night?
So stay in and sit tight
Oh this week is sure going to be slow!
I think all Rob’s friends will be there
To watch him and drool and to stare
At the birds on his tum
And his too sexy bum
Oh I do wonder what he will wear?

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A plea to Rob…

27 Apr

Hello all you friendlies out there
And hello Mr Rob, you are where?
In the states? Lucky you
Wish I was there too
‘Cos the weather here is a nightmare!
It’s raining and windy and cold
And the sky is a sight to behold
All dark grey and grim
With enough rain to swim
And it’s something that can’t be controlled.
Oh bring us the sunshine dear Rob
This rain makes me feel like a slob
A wee word from you
Makes the sun shine right through
And makes all of your friendlies’ hearts throb!
I am trying to think of last night
Did I dream when I turned out the light?
Did Rob keep me warm
Through that horrible storm?
If he did it was such a delight!
I really need Rob’s inspiration
‘Cos I’m starting to feel desperation
You see nothing will come
And my mind’s getting numb
So Rob please help with me with my vocation!
I am starting to struggle to write
It’s not working though try as I might
What’s a girl gonna do
When her head’s full of poo
And the brain cells just will not ignite?
So tonight I am leaving it there
I’ll return so please do not despair
I need to take time
To make these things rhyme
They’ll get better with practice I swear!

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