About me

Hi and thank you for visiting…  My blog page is a place for me to jot down my Limerick style poems.  Writing them is a hobby and if I manage to make just one person smile, then it’s worth it.

I’m a bit of  a Robbie Williams fan(atic) and a lot of my poetry is about Robbie.  There are a few about the RanDumb Irish Merk, otherwise known as Mark Hayes from Cork, now living in LA – writer, comedian and chancer, and there are a few others about well, nothing in particular other than what might just have flown through my mind…

I would urge you to leave a comment if you’ve got the time.  Cheers and enjoy your read.

Carnspindle xxx

Thought I’d add this…  I have been asked where the name “Carnspindle” comes from.  Well here goes… Carnspindle is a townland in Northern Ireland, north of Larne in Country Antrim.  When I was younger I promised that when I could, I would get myself a wire-haired Dachshund.  Well I did, and he was from just north of Larne.  He was pedigree and his Kennel Club name was Carnspindle Rock On.  So there you have it, the name is catchy, easy to remember and close to my heart.  Carnspindle Rock On was also known as Jody.  He lived until he was 11 years, when sadly he developed paralysis of his back legs.  Despite the best efforts of our wonderful vet who performed delicate surgery on Jody, he wasn’t strong enough and passed away five years ago.  But his memory lives on in my poetry by his name being used.  Here’s a photo of my soul mate, the original and the one and only Carnspindle… ♥

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