A Story of Christmas Eve…

24 Dec


A little boy on Christmas Eve
Was waiting in his bed
For Santa Claus to visit him
Dressed head to toe in red.
He tried to sleep but couldn’t,
Excitement overtook!
He hid beneath his duvet
And tried to read a book.
With one eye on his stocking,
Hung with care upon his bed,
He was watching out for Santa
And Rudolf pulling the sled…
But tiredness crept up on him
He fought to stay awake
He thought he’d put the light on
But that was a mistake…

His eyes began to close
As he fought against the sleep
But sleep won this night’s battle
No need for counting sheep…
And while the boy was sleeping
A man appeared in red
White trim upon his trousers
And white beard upon his head…
Could this be the real Santa?
The bedroom light was on…
But how to waken up the boy?
A huge loud Santa yawn!
The boy stirred, he turned over,
Was sure he’d heard a noise
He sat up in his bed awake
And looked at all his toys…
But did one move he wondered?
Or was it just a dream?
He turned the light out, lay back down
It wasn’t what it seemed.
And as he lay in darkness
He heard what seemed to be
His toys begin to move around
And snigger and tee hee…
He peered at them with sleepy eyes
Through darkness tinged with light
From stars outside and bright white moon
And oh my, what a sight!
The shadows danced in darkness
He rubbed his eyes once more
And looked despite his blinking
At his toys all on the floor…
They moved together slowly
Towards him in his bed
He hid beneath the duvet
As he slowly filled with dread…
They moved so slowly forward
This surely was a dream?
Toys aren’t alive he told himself
As he struggled not to scream!
He closed his eyes once more
And pinched himself to see
If this was real, or just a dream
And was it time to flee…?
He didn’t feel the pinches
Though he pinched pretty hard
And so he thought it wasn’t real
And he let down his guard.
The toys, they kept on coming
Towards him in his bed
He turned around and faced the wall
Not knowing what lay ahead…
The toys were at the bed now
And one was heard to shout
The little boy in sleepy land
Woke up and looked about.
He saw the toys beside him
But this time wasn’t scared,
As if he knew they needed him
Though he was unprepared…
So what had happened? Why the fuss?
And did he hear a yelp?
And where was Santa? Was he here?
And why the cry for help?
He had a stretch to waken up
And stumbled out of bed
Turned on the light, and looked around
What’s this? And wow, it’s red!!!
A piece of cloth had caught itself
And ripped from whence it came
It looked a bit like Santa’s suit…
Or was this just a game?
The boy knelt down beside his toys
All gathered at his bed
One spoke to him, so quietly
And this is what it said…
“We were asleep, just like you were
When we heard someone call.
We thought it might be Santa Claus
And that he’d had a fall!
We all got up and looked about
But all that we could see
Was this wee piece of bright red cloth
Think this might be the key…”
The little boy could not believe
The story he had heard
Had Santa had an accident?
It sounded so absurd!
The boy pulled on his daytime clothes
Though still the dead of night
And torch in hand he made his way
Outside, where it was white!
The snow had fallen swift and thick
And covered everything
Except the footprints, huge they were
As if made by a King!
The little boy thought “follow them!”
And with his wellies on
He put his feet inside the prints
And walked across the lawn…
And in the distance… what was that?
A man was upsidedown
And hanging by a long white beard
And wearing such a frown!
As he approached it dawned on him…
“It’s Santa” he cried out
The man in red looked right at him
‘Twas Santa, he’d no doubt!
He ran towards the man in red
Caught up there in the tree
And said “Hey Santa, come on down,
It’s fine, it’s only me.”
He held his hand out to the man
Dressed head to toe in red
And hanging from his apple tree
Which stood beside Dad’s shed.
Our little friend helped Santa down
Though how he did is still
A mystery from that day on…
But that boy had some skill!
And so the little boy woke up
As Christmas morning dawned
So was it really all a dream?
He wondered as he yawned…
He saw his Christmas stocking
Was still hanging on his bed
But it looked so much bigger now,
And was that something red?
It couldn’t be, but wait, it was!
That piece of Santa’s jacket
That tore off as he called last night
Before he caused a racket!!
So now he knew… ’twas not a dream
‘Twas real, and what a night!
He swore he’d not tell anyone
But I suspect he might.
So boys and girls, when you’re in bed
Be sure to turn off lights!
‘Cos Santa’s coming, we don’t want
Your toys to have a fright!
So go to bed, and have sweet dreams
Tomorrow’s Christmas Day!!
Tonight’s the night!! And Santa is
Already on his way….

Happy Christmas Everyone!!!

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